Most Popular Nameplate and Label Posts for 2016

As we begin a new year I like to take a minute and reflect on the past one for indications on what has sparked activity and discussions. For 2016 opportunities to learn more about nameplate and label design, tooling options and ways to enhance or elevate a brand through decoration were of most interest.

This posts offers summaries and links to some of the most popular posts which were published discussing nameplates and labels in the last year. What was your favorite?


Aluminum nameplates decorated with litho printing process    Nameplate Litho Printing FAQ
Q & A focusing on the litho process as it is used in the decoration of nameplates.  

Common aluminum tool creates three unique looks for brand identity    One Aluminum Tool Results in Three Different Looks
The ability to re-use tooling blank and stamping operations helps your budget by allowing you to spread the investment across projects.
Unique shape aluminum badge   Not Your Cookie Cutter Nameplate Solution
Step outside the box with unique shapes for your nameplate design.
Debossed aluminum applique with custom rose gold color   Custom Color Match for Cosmetic Appliqué
Aluminum nameplates can be made to coordinate with your specific color specifications.
Faux leather finish on aluminum trim   Enhance Aluminum Trim with a Faux Finish
Aluminum can be decorated to give the appearance of other materials including leather, stone and other metals.
Dimensional patterns on aluminum badges   Adding Dimension with Patterns for Aluminum Nameplates
Nameplate design can be enhanced with visual dimension when geometric patterns are included in the decoration.
brushed aluminum nameplate enhanced with dimensional pattern   Looking for an Authentic Metal Surface for your Nameplate?
Brushed aluminum can increase perceived value for the end product because it provides a finished look for nameplates and decorative trim.
blue color decoration in aluminum nameplates and badges   Blue Energy in Aluminum Nameplate Design
Examples of nameplates which use the color blue for decoration.
medical device nameplate decorated with background pattern   Enhance your Nameplate Design with Patterns
Background surface area for a nameplate or label is prime real estate to add patterns and finishes.
Nameplates and Labels with custom tools   Basic Tool Information for Aluminum Nameplates
Review of basic tool operations needed to produce metal nameplates from blank to emboss and form dies.


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