Enhance your Nameplate and Label Design with Patterns

A common question people have when designing their brand identification centers on ways to enhance the look of the part. One of the ways to do this for a nameplate or label is to include a pattern in the design. This could be in the background or as an accent area. Here are some aluminum and plastic emblems and decals which incorporate a pattern.

Kohler-Professional-FAV-Nameplate.jpg Donjoy-medical-device-nameplate.jpg

Background surface area for a nameplate or label is prime real estate to add patterns and finishes. Geometric shapes, carbon fiber, mesh and organic lines are common selections for pattern structures along with faux finishes.

Just as on aluminum, a pattern can be printed on polycarbonate for an overall trim piece. Shape and form as well need to be taken into consideration for how the pattern can stretch and shift during production.

Miles-Davis-distressed-metal-cd-spine.jpg  Sabic_02.jpg

 A pattern in the background of a nameplate can be designed so that it is an accent area and not overall. The scale can be kept small for subtle areas or bold to make a statement.

Hoyt-carbon-fiber-aluminum-nameplates.jpg kohler1.jpg

Adding lens to any nameplate enhances it with dimension. The clear urethane dome magnifies the graphics or any pattern that is decorated on the surface of the label.

       background pattern on plastic label              carbon-fiber-speedlab-nameplate-with-dome.jpg


 As you can see, the possibilities are endless for including a pattern into your nameplate or label design. Your options include thousands of existing patterns and structures or you can customize in color and scale for a unique look. 

How will your next nameplate design use a pattern? Let's talk!

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