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In this post, a collection of samples from popular boating industry brands has been collected for your inspiration.
HDS Generation 2 Navigation Features Aluminum Logo When Navico introduced the HDS-12 multifunction fish finder/chart plotter under the Lowrance brand name they wanted to be sure it had a nameplate that reflected the quality of the product but yet fit the overall look.
Embossed Metal Panel Ranger boats designed this aluminum overlay to stand out using a multi-level emboss to add dimension and detail. The Ranger logo is integrated into the panel giving the illusion of being a separate nameplate attached to the overlay. Combining nameplates into metal trim ...
In-mold Decorating In-Mold or Insert-Mold Decoration (IMD) or Film Insert Molding (FIM) refers to the insertion of a printed graphic overlay into an injection mold. The molding process encapsulates the film or overlay in plastic. It combines the advantages of decorative and functional graphics with ...
Marine Nameplate This aluminum nameplate combines a multi-dimensional emboss and screen printed texture to create a premium badge which stands up to the marine environment. The Sunesta graphic is debossed while the border is embossed in a multi-dimensional facet.
Marine Gauges The mixed material Chaparral boat gauges integrate a decorated aluminum overlay with a backlit polycarbonate dial, resulting in a unique premium look.

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