Concepts and Prototypes for Nameplates and Trim

Investigate options rapidly and economically early in your design process with concept drawings. Scrutinize final designs and alternatives with the help of flat or 3D prototypes. Each project is unique. Our Sales Managers and Design staff are here to walk you through your options. 

Concept Drawings

Designing your nameplate to be in alignment with your branding strategy strengthens your brand message in the marketplace. Concept drawings help you explore the possibilities available in the design of your nameplate. Options in size, layout and finish are evaluated quickly and economically. 



Nameplate and Trim Prototypes

Prototypes are useful in making final decisions about overall appearance of your product branding or accent trim prior to production. Northern Engraving offers flexibility in prototyping to meet your requirements whether you are designing embossed and formed nameplates or accent trim with complex shapes.  

Flat Samples

flat prototype samples

Flat prototype samples printed with your final graphics or pattern are effective in the review of alternative finish options including choices in color, process or pattern. Helpful in evaluating subtle or major changes in appearance, flat samples don't require tooling and are fast and economical. In addition, flat samples are used to assist in expediting the production process when graphics, color or finish are finalized while tooling is in process.

Formed Prototypes

aluminum inmold trim conceptappliance trim conceptpatinaed aluminum trim concept

Formed prototypes cover everything from hand-filed and hand-formed one-off samples to hundreds of samples using pre-production tooling. Three-dimensional prototypes allow you to thoroughly evaluate the proposed final look of your project. In addition, production tooling can be used to evaluate options in finish. Dramatically different looks can be achieved through the myriad of pattern options available on aluminum trim.


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