Surface Collection eBooks

No matter what your end product is, surface decoration is a consideration in your design. 

One of the great things about working with aluminum for trim and nameplates is the wide open range of possibilities for what can be done in processing and decoration.  For this reason, it can be difficult to wade through all of the options when making decisions and finding just the right treatment or finish to use.  To help make sense of it all the following resources provide snapshots into available finishes by compiling color, structure and themes into eBooks for download and offline reference.

Decoration for aluminum surfaces has endless possibilities. Thousands of patterns have been developed with inspiration taken from every day, ordinary items in various colors, structures and themes. These free resources are provided for inspiration and ideally will spur some conversations as you work through your next project.

Any of the finishes shown are customizable in size and color. They can also be reviewed for translation and interpretation to other substrates like stainless steel and polycarbonate. 


Compilation of the most popular finishes on aluminum.
Selection of patterns and textures building from the natural silver color of aluminum surfaces.
Three dimensional themes interpreted into aluminum finishes.
Woven structures seen in carbon fiber, mesh and papers provide inspiration for decoration on aluminum.
Aluminum patterns featuring small scale and very close alignment.
Patinaed finishes on aluminum showcase craftsmanship and character.
Finishes on aluminum with intense, bold structures compiled into an eBook for use as reference material.
Finishes on aluminum with linear structures from classic straight to organic and whimsical lines.
Selection of finishes on aluminum with geometric shapes and structures.


Request specific finishes or themes for your project.