Brushed aluminum can provide a premium look for your product housing.
Technical pattern creates dimensional look for aluminum nameplate.
Attractive aluminum trim is created through collaboration between the customer and Design, Engineering and Project Management teams.
Custom tooling and finish decoration result in elegant trim for medical device.
This label is unique in its design and function. It shows a signature look with separate elements to showcase the brand name.
This glucometer features a decorative plastic overlay with a clear window covering the screen.
NECODome creates nameplates with individual letters. This process involves a layering of materials to create a dimensional look.
Singular ID is used for this metal nameplate. The metal is recessed into the plastic for a clean and modern look.
A unique metal nameplate features diamond cut graphics on a contour.
Individual bright aluminum letters are precisely aligned to a polycarbonate backplate.
Multi-level embossed graphics with a diamond cut accent highlight this metal nameplate.
Orthopedic knee brace branding across multiple products.
An attention getting focal point is created on each of these aluminum nameplates for surgical eye equipment.
Options to use aluminum for self promotion, from matchbox covers to business cards, book marks to custom invitations.
Unique shapes are one way to grab attention for promotional items.
Mechanical finish featuring engine striped aluminum enhances the decoration for limited edition metal tool box cover.
Simple contrasting colors help brands stand out in the marketplace.
Etched aluminum logos highlight popular sports leagues.
Doming provides a rich three-dimensional look, while still providing flexibility.
The NECODome process offers flexibility and durability.
Flexible domed labels digitally printed with multicolor graphics.
Multi-level emboss and process color are used on this aluminum label.
Brushing, printing and embossing are used to create unique aluminum holiday cards.
Colorful graphics on aluminum and plastic make beer tapper labels stand out.
A unique graphic is pierced in thick aluminum creating a stand out metal tag.
Antiqued brass finish on embossed aluminum.
Diamond cut graphics stand in sharp contrast to a red background.
Utilizing a stock die allowed this manufacturer to save on their overall project costs.
High impact metallic inks and a chrome finish are combined on this flexible label.
Flexible domed label is stitched to the mattress through the urethane dome.
Etch and filled graphics are a durable choice for an eye-catching aluminum nameplate.
Aluminum is printed to mimic an antique lacquered finish on brass.
Sophisticated product identification for furniture.
Layers of brushed aluminum can be combined with printed colors and halftones to achieve visual dimension.
Embossed bright chrome polyester with a matte background grabs attention.
Brushed stainless steel insert integrates product branding into trim.
Injection molded plastic fused to polycarbonate film.
Diamond cut graphics on a brushed aluminum background are accented with a bright border.
Brushed and bright aluminum contrasts with matte texture background.
Aluminum badge combines a multi-level emboss and brushed background for a premium look.
Check out these rainbow Apple logos printed on aluminum.
Textured pattern coordinated across aluminum and polycarbonate trim.
Individual graphic elements are aligned with a placement mask in this unique nameplate.
Embossed, brushed and spun aluminum is used on this premium nameplate.
Selective doming and chrome graphics are used on this polycarbonate overlay.
Diamond cut graphics on a brushed and spun background are used for this metal badge.
Laser customization is used on this aluminum plaque to uniquely identify each laptop.
Integration of debossed aluminum nameplate into custom pattern decorated trim.
Integration of corporate branding with brushed aluminum trim piece is cost effective.
High contrast look with custom pattern and texture to catch attention.
Engine turned aluminum and bright borders combine on this automotive inspired overlay.
Spun aluminum is combined with aluminum in-mold for a backlit metal button.
Multi-level emboss and forming are used on these aluminum nameplates and trim.
Crisp detail is created with embossed and diamond cut graphics on aluminum.
Brushed aluminum with embossed, diamond cut graphics provides a premium look for high profile electronics.
Take advantage of common tooling for aluminum nameplates and change the decoration to give each model a unique look.
Aluminum in-mold is used to create a dimensional graphic on this metal badge.
A classic brand gets attention with an aluminum nameplate.
A custom pattern and holographic logo effect watermark effect create a unique look for high profile branding with aluminum nameplates.
Engine turned aluminum and embossed polycarbonate coordinate for product branding.
Brushed chrome polyester label features intricate detail and embossing on material which gives the appearance of being metal.
A simple change makes this nameplate ready for the cameras on a major network show.
Doming enhances the antiqued finish printed on this aluminum nameplate.
Shape, artwork and finish are important elements to keep in mind when designing your aluminum nameplate or plastic label.
An example of an aluminum badge which uses a unique shape to step away from a standard tooling design.
Draw attention to nameplates and labels with a custom pattern enhanced with 3D Doming.
Domed plastic labels provide durability and protection from exposure to exterior elements and outdoor applications.
Slit back adhesive makes assembly easy for this sports equipment label.

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