Decorative Inserts | Labels

Whether your product is perfume, champagne or a music CD, you want it to draw attention to itself.  The nameplate or label used in the packaging is one way to differentiate your brand.  Finishes from our library of patterns on aluminum can be incorporated into your inlay to create jewel-like appearances.  The finishes range from tortoise shell and turquoise to your custom designed look.  Details can be embossed or coined to add a tactile effect.  Mechanical finishes add depth and movement. 

Go a step beyond applying a nameplate and incorporate your brand into a larger trim piece or a decorative insert.  Aluminum can be decorated to look like copper, brass or steel.  A three-dimensional effect is achieved with doming or forming. 

  • nameplates         
  • labels
  • decorative inserts
  • cosmetic cases     
  • compacts
  • inlays
  • spines  
  • sleeves 
  • metal trim


Aluminum Nameplate and Plastic Label Options Whitepaper