Concept to Console


Dress up large appliance trim and control panels with decorated aluminum.


Brushed and tinted aluminum is formed into large appliance trim pieces.
A dimensional nameplate is integrated in the polycarbonate overlay.
Explore possibilities beyond traditional appliance finishes.


Interest in authentic materials in recent years has lead to increased use of aluminum trim as an accent.  Aluminum can be formed into complex shapes and decorated in a wide range of finishes. The trim is made even more robust when aluminum in-mold is added. 

Experience working with manufacturers in a diverse range of industries allows a cross-pollinization of ideas and technologies. A process developed for automotive trim finds its way into a golf club nameplate. Exposure to trends in industries around the world allows us to interpret themes into finishes for decorative trim.

Aluminum trim adds to the perceived value of your product. The look of the part can be changed completely by application of a new finish which results in product refreshes or new models with very little additional cost.



Request specific finishes or themes for your project.




Appliance Badges and Overlays


Showcase your brand with elegant badges and overlays.


Household appliance products showcase attractive aluminum nameplates and badges.
Transparent tints of color can be applied to aluminum giving it the appearance of other metal substrates such as brass or stainless steel.
Mechanical finishes, color applications and a precise form offer a unique and recognizable nameplate for a commercial appliance.
Using the metal substrate as part of the design enhances the perceived value of the product over other materials.
A domed nameplate is formed to create a unique look on aluminum.
Northern Engraving has spent decades manufacturing metal and plastic trim, nameplates and overlays for small appliances.

Explore decorated finishes on aluminum featuring micro elements of small scale and tight alignment.

Micro Finishes at Your Fingertips.


Your Trim Your Way 


Customize your trim with a range of styles, colors and textures for your design.
A custom white on white texture created for aluminum laundry panels is used for product differentiation.
The possibilities in finishing and decorating aluminum make it a versatile option for accent trim which can be easily updated with a new surface.
Design an aluminum finish to evolve across your product following the contours and dimension of the trim piece.
Custom aluminum finishes take inspiration from athletic equipment adding movement and a graphic look.
Layers of brushed aluminum finishes create movement and depth for nameplates and trim decoration.
Walk through example of finish development on aluminum trim using changes to pattern scale and color variations.




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Finishing Touches 


It's all in the details.


Technical patterns are layered creating a subtle organic aluminum surface.
Copper and bronze finishes on aluminum can be customized for use in decorative trim.
Shades of gray make up basic foundation for classic decoration on aluminum nameplates and trim.
Series of finishes relying on an enamel white finish but layers the white finish with additional pattern creating another level of detail.
These aluminum finishes feature black and near black surfaces.
These 3 finishes feature a more aggressive looking brushed aluminum surface.


A sampling of finishes available for your next project.