Appliance Trim and Nameplates

Stainless steel look brushed aluminum trim using aluminum in-mold for durability.
Brushed aluminum trim and handle for washer and dryer doors.
Integrate dimensional nameplate in plastic overlay.
Enamel white finish and flowing graphics combine for an alternative to overall white.
Metal and plastic overlays and escutcheons for small appliances.
Aluminum nameplates brushed and tinted simulate the appearance of stainless steel.
Brushed stainless steel nameplates are embossed and formed.
Ice and water dispenser nameplates combine embossing, forming and doming.
Singular ID is used process for precisely aligned individual letters.
Crimped aluminum, aluminum in-mold and in-mold decorated polycarbonate components.
Polycarbonate decorated second surface is formed and molded for a durable emblem.
Mechanical finishes add movement and depth to embossed graphics.

Finish Samples

Request specific finishes or themes for your project.