Aluminum and Stainless Steel Nameplates and Trim

Metal nameplates and trim offer a premium appearance.  Aluminum is the preferred metal substrate because it is versatile offering a diverse range of options for decorating and forming.  Stainless steel nameplates are also popular. 

A wide array of pressure sensitive and heat activated adhesives can be used for mounting your nameplate.  Foam adhesives are available in a variety of thicknesses and are often used for attaching to rough surfaces. In addition, mechanical options such as snap fit, tabs and studs can be used for attachment to the final product.

Metal Processes

 adhesive   blank with tear tab   engine stripe  simulated norfrost  serialize
 aluminum in-mold  chemical etch  engine turn  norlens  singular ID
 anodize  coin  form   powder coat  snap fit
 assembly  deboss  laser etch  process color  spin
 brush  diamond cut  lithograph  roller coat  spray
 blank on tape  emboss  mask  screen print  topcoat

Partial list.  Not all processes are available on all substrates. Some processes may be outsourced at our discretion depending on resources. Additional processes and information may be available. Contact us for details. 


Standard Metal Substrate Thicknesses


 Aluminum   .012"-.060" 
 Stainless Steel 304  .018"-.032"
 Stainless Steel 430  .025"




Considerations for Aluminum Nameplate Tooling





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