Polyester, Polycarbonate and Vinyl Nameplates & Labels

Plastic nameplates, labels and overlays are attractive options for your brand. A wide variety of decorative processes and substrates are available to meet your needs for functionality and aesthetics.

Embossing, forming and in-mold decorating provide dimension to your plastic trim. In addition, a full range of adhesives are available to be applied selectively or overall.

Plastic Processes 

 adhesive  chrome inks  emboss  in-mold decoration  over emboss
 assembly  dead front  flexlens  lighting development  process color
 back light  die cut  form  lithograph  screen print
 blank on tape  digital print  hard coat  mask  serialize
 blank with tear tab  duolens  injection mold  NECOdome  steel rule die cut

Partial list.  Not all processes are available on all substrates. Additional processes and information are available. 


Standard Plastic Substrate Thicknesses

 Polyester  .002"-.010"   chrome, clear, brushed, white
 Polycarbonate  .005"-.060"  textured, velvet, clear, matte, brushed
 Vinyl  .010"-.020"  scuff resistant, black matte, white matte
 Magnet  .020"  



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