Our long history of decorating metal brings a rich palette of finishes that are versatile, diverse and luxurious.




The definitive resource for surface design, with expertise in the design of product identification and decorative trim. The Design Studio has a full prototype area for color, finish and part development.  In addition, our display area, often referred to as the "candy store" - except everything is made from shiny aluminum instead of candy, is a place where you can let your imagination run. 


Design Blog

Delve into new finishes and options in pattern development on metal. This blog helps to arm you with the tools to transform aluminum into decorative trim that speaks to your design vision whether elegant, powerful or crafted. You decide. The metal is your canvas for bringing your concept to life.

Aluminum Finish Inspired by Hexagons

The layering of two direction brush and texture creates a dimensional aluminum finish showcasing popular hexagon shapes.

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Flowing Aluminum Surfaces

Inspiration is drawn from molten solids and the effects that are created as material drips either off a structure or down a canvas, translated to aluminum surfaces.

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Classic Cool Mood Board




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Mood Boards

Mood boards are an intuitive way to research new finish designs. Careful consideration of the finishes builds on your understanding of the myriad of options available to you in decorating metal. The inspirational boards bring together finishes developed around a theme.

Mood Boards

Explore interpretation of trends, colors and themes translated into patterns, printed on aluminum and available to be integrated into accent trim or product branding.

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Disc Collection

A sample of textures and finishes available for panels, overlays and decorative trim. Use the finishes as is or customize them to meet your design intent.

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Featured Mood Boards

Contrast created by selective brush, gloss and texture shown in organic and micro structures using black as the base color for this series of decoration on aluminum.
Tightly spaced textured lines create primary and secondary patterns as light follows the contours of the lines.
Contrasting aluminum finishes are brought together to create unique surface decorations.

Surface Collections

Explore the diversity of aluminum finishes in our surface collection pages. The electronic pages bring groups of finishes together based on theme, color or structure.

Surface Collections

Choose patterns in the same way you think about them. Finishes are arranged in sets surrounding a color, structure or theme. 


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Surface Collection eBooks

Get snapshots into available finishes by color, structure and themes with eBooks for download and offline reference.


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Featured Surface Collections

crisp / precise / balance / energetic
composed / ordered / refined / in sync
pattern-on-pattern / haptic / holographic / illusion

Pattern Library

Browse our library of aluminum finishes to begin exploring the options available to you in the design of metal finishes. Pick a finish to be integrated into your design. Customize a finish in color, scale or process to make it uniquely yours. The possibilities are endless.

Pattern Library

View a sampling of the thousands of finishes on aluminum. Patterns can be used as is or customized to fit your unique application. 


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Pattern Samples

Request specific patterns for more in depth conversations and review to incorporate into your nameplate and trim designs.


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Pattern Design Tips

This is a quick checklist for reference when developing a new surface or pattern.
Understanding options to add brushing to aluminum finishes.
Understanding options to add texture to aluminum finishes.

Concepts & Prototypes

Our experienced staff is here to walk you through your options.