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Providing flexibility in styling and finish with innovative solutions for modern metal surfaces in interior trim and badging.


Crafted with Precision


Aluminum trim radiates a cool elegance in vehicle interiors. The modern surface effortlessly combines with other materials for an expression of luxury and style.


Traditionally the interior trim decoration in the Ford Mustang has featured a brushed metal look. For the 50th anniversary edition Ford wanted to retain the authentic metal look but elevate the finish beyond brushed aluminum.
Brushed aluminum trim for the Volvo C30 is decorated in a custom finish inspired by ancient nautical charts.
Slideshow featuring aluminum gear knob inserts with brushed and woodgrain finishes.
Take advantage of common tools to differentiate between model lines.
Sporty interior trim pushed the boundaries of the depth of draw as well as overall size of the trim piece.
Sporty interior automotive trim featuring mechanical finish with matte texture on aluminum.

Our customers include premium OEMs and well-known Tier-1 suppliers.





Engineered Beauty

Interacting with leading brands around the globe, we analyze trends in style and materials to anticipate future needs. We build products that stand out and leave a lasting impression.


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"The creativity in both the Design and Engineering Departments at Northern Engraving I have not seen at any other supplier."

-Gunnar Johansson, Chief Designer, Volvo Cars


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Automotive Badges


Build brand awareness with aluminum nameplates, under the hood badges and backlit polycarbonate dials.


See a few examples from the endless array of possibilities available to you when designing aluminum and stainless steel sill plates.
The diversity of processes available in metal decoration make an endless array of designs possible in automotive wheel inserts.
Protective topcoats and robust adhesives are used in the design of durable aluminum under the hood badges which stand up to harsh environments.
Aluminum automotive badge features custom carrier and adhesive backing for optimal and precise alignment to the vehicle.
Spun aluminum and debossed bright graphics are combined in an attractive horn button.
Back lit aluminum gauges are manufactured by laminating a decorative aluminum faceplate to a polycarbonate backer.

Explore creating depth and dimension with geometric aluminum finishes.

Three Dimensional Finishes at Your Fingertips.