• Patina
  • Ascent Anodized Black
  • Gradations of Color I
  • inspiRED I
  • Gradations of Color II
  • Gold and Silver
  • inspiRED II
  • Ascent Stainless Steel
  • Mesh I
  • White Out I
  • Faux Real
  • Adventure
  • Transform
  • White Out II
  • Structured
  • LineUp I
  • Rhythm
  • LineUp II
  • Invincible
  • Pure
  • Ornamental
  • Connect
  • Ascent Etched Silver
  • Modern
  • Ascent Precious Metal
  • Explore
  • Mesh II

Mood Boards Gallery

Mood boards are valuable in establishing the aesthetic feel of a product. Patterns, photos and words are brought together to tell a story. This high level approach allows the designer to give direction and get feedback aligning efforts in a consistent direction. Whether designing an automotive interior, appliance trim or a laptop cover, mood boards are effective in exploring color, texture, pattern and the overall look and feel of a product.  Elegant or bold?  Handcrafted warmth or engineered precision? Words begin to clarify our ideas and mood boards are worth a thousand words.

The aluminum surfaces mood boards are our interpretation of trends, color palettes and themes. The patterns and textures, printed on aluminum, are available to be integrated into decorative accent trim or product branding. Use the finishes as is or customize them to meet your design intent.

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