An aluminum badge can enhance the design and increase perceived value for the brand.
Two series of family parts using common decoration with a sporty look.
Cut-to-shape custom tool blends the logo with the product housing.
Carbon fiber finish and bright aluminum borders are used across the set of metal trim.
Singular ID is used to create a badge with individual letters and an embossed logo.
Spun aluminum and backlit polycarbonate are laminated together into gauges.
Brushing, screen printed texture and embossing are combined in this metal nameplate.
Printed graphic overlay encapsulated during the molding process.
Multi-level emboss and geometric texture combine into functional overlay
Interior trim decorated with sporty micro texture and brushed aluminum.
Multiple levels of emboss take brand identification to another level to grab attention and stand out in the marketplace.
Individual letters custom tooled for a unique look and enhanced with micro texture pattern on aluminum.
Simulated cloisonné finish and graphics stand out on this embossed aluminum tank badge.
NECODome provides an alternative to die cast tank emblems.
Aluminum and Polycarbonate nameplates take advantage of decorating processes and simple or stock tools.
Individual letters create a precise label option.
More than just another piece of chrome, this dimensional embossed aluminum tank badge elevates the motorcycle brand.
The highlights of the brand overhaul and creation of the motorcycle badge.
Durable, high gloss top coat removes concern for exposure to the elements for this aluminum bicycle badge.
Navigation system featuring metallic silver nameplate with cut to shape letters.
Embossed and formed aluminum badges uses a molded backplate for alignment.
Brushing, screen printed texture and embossing are combined in this metal nameplate.
Engine turned and embossed aluminum graphics stand out on a screen printed textured background.
NECODome process is used to create robust nameplate with individual graphics.

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