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Are you unsure how to best represet your brand on a small scale? If so, there are many options available to incorporate any sized label or tag. The example above is applied to a key fob manufactured for the Winnebago motor home brand. At only about an inch wide, this small domed label boasts ...
Lincoln Key Fob The Lincoln key fob features a domed label as a jewel-like detail on the key. Doming magnifies the sparkle of the chrome polyester (Mylar® film). The Lincoln logo is embossed against the printed black background. The label is adhesive backed for easy assembly to the key.
The Volvo key fob integrates the same brushed metal finish used on the aluminum interior trim into its design. The aluminum in-mold process is used to create a decorative piece combining metal and plastic into one component. The raised plastic details are created using a through mold process.

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