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Artwork Aluminum and plastic nameplates are made based on your project requirements. Manufacturing processes are the tools to get you to the end result - an attractive emblem or decorative trim to make your product stand out. In addition to needing the dimensional geometry of the label or overlay, ...
Submitting Artwork It is now time to submit your nameplate artwork to your customer service representative at Northern Engraving. File sizes larger than 10MB can be submitted to our FTP upon request. If you are unsure of who your customer service representative is, please contact us
This article summarizes the basics involved in sending and preparing artwork for printing nameplates and emblems on a metal and plastic substrates. For best results and to minimize delays with your order, follow the artwork submission guidelines below:
The first step in manufacturing nameplates on metal or plastic is preparing the artwork for printing or screening. The following articles covers some of the most frequently asked questions about submitting artwork.

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