You Have Your Nameplate Designed, Now What?


Submitting Artwork

It is now time to submit your nameplate artwork to your customer service representative at Northern Engraving.  File sizes larger than 10MB can be submitted to our FTP upon request.  If you are unsure of who your customer service representative is, please contact us

For best results and to minimize delay, send electronic vector based files and include print outs of your art for reference.  You can find more information by clicking here about lead time, color specification and sample parts.

Requesting Protypes

Concept Drawings

Designing your nameplate to be in alignment with your branding strategy strengthens your brand message in the marketplace. Concept drawings help you explore the possibilities available in the design of your nameplate. Options in size, layout and finish are evaluated quickly and economically. Our designers offer experience in the wide variety of processes available and can work with you to interpret your brand.

Nameplate and Trim Prototypes

Prototypes are useful in making final decisions about overall appearance of your product branding or accent trim prior to production. Northern Engraving offers flexibility in prototyping to meet your requirements whether you are designing embossed and formed nameplates or accent trim with complex shapes. Prototypes are available flat and formed. 

Still have more questions about your nameplate or label project? Let's talk!

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