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Digital Label Printing Digital label printing offers advantages over traditional printing for point of purchase (POP) signs, minimizing costs and timing. The four main advantages in digital label printing are:
NECODome is an option for creating plastic nameplates with individual letters. This process involves a layering of materials to create a dimensional graphic. The result is a flexible nameplate with a flat back that can be applied to a contoured surface. NECODome nameplates are available in ...
Each decorative process has advantages and limitation. Understanding the boundaries of these processe allows you to take full advantage of all they offer while pushing the limits of their capabilities.
Over the weekend, I was at the local Shopping Mall and decided to stroll into the PacSun store. I located this bottle of perfume that PacSun recently introduced. Northern Engraving manufactured the nameplate on the bottle.
Definition of Your Target Color Color specifying begins with the definition of a master or target color. There are several options for communicating the information across suppliers. The most common method used is the use of a mass-produced, categorized color system such as the Pantone Matching ...
Global Leader From custom woodgrain finishes to complex aluminum trim pieces with critical registration, Northern Engraving has long been a global leader in pushing the boundaries in automotive nameplates and decorative trim. Layering of processes brings unique depth and dimension. Embossing and ...
Submitting Artwork It is now time to submit your nameplate artwork to your customer service representative at Northern Engraving. File sizes larger than 10MB can be submitted to our FTP upon request. If you are unsure of who your customer service representative is, please contact us
You are in luck because we have a plethora of resources available to guide you in creating a striking, one-of-a-kind nameplate. Steps in Designing a Nameplate It is easy to overlook some of these steps and end up spending time redesigning the nameplate. Click here to see a quick checklist to use ...
A diamond cut offers a crisp, distinct look. The graphics are first embossed and then diamond cut into one of four cuts: phalanx, skive, zebra or star.

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