Three Diamond Cut Aluminum Nameplate Variations

3 zebra diamond cut

A diamond cut offers a crisp, distinct look.  The graphics are first embossed and then diamond cut into one of four cuts: phalanx, skive, zebra or star.

Northern Engraving's Zebra Diamond Cut

Above are three zebra diamond cut nameplates.  Zebra diamond cut consists of a series of tightly spaced cuts creating visable lines.  This process is the most popular of the four techniques and offers a variety of looks ranging from fine to coarse.

The Harley-Davidson example is more coarse.  The KitchenAid nameplate's cuts are hard to capture as the diamond cut is very fine, however you are able to feel the grooves if you run your fingernail over it as well as see them if you look close enough.  The RCA nameplate's diamond cut is not as coarse as the Harley-Davidson example.  It falls somewhere in between, as the zebra diamond cut is more visable than the KitchenAid example.

I first saw the zebra diamond cut on the RCA nameplate when I was a child.  I remember running my fingers over it on the television remote control and feeling the texture. Can you think of any other common nameplates that have the zebra diamond cut?  This technique is an excellent option to add interest to your nameplate.

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