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Aluminum nameplates are used to boost branding efforts by a company. They can showcase a product name, a corporate logo or simply an icon. A great example of this is looking at the Ford Mustang. The horse image is easily recognizable as the iconic logo for the muscle car.
The latest addition to our aluminum 3-D stock die collection is a fabulous rectangle shape, 1" x 3.55". The formed edge allows the badge to stand up from the surface of the product. Pressure senstive adhesive is used for attachment.
The newest addition to our aluminum 3-D stock die collection is an oval shaped nameplate featuring a low glossed brushed background with high glossed bright graphics.
3-D Logos and Emblems High-quality, three dimensional nameplates are custom-designed to suit products in many industries. Northern Engraving now offers 3-D stock dies to support your needs for cost-effective product identification with minimized lead time. Consumers naturally associate quality with ...

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