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3-D Logos and Emblems

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High-quality, three dimensional nameplates are custom-designed to suit products in many industries. Northern Engraving now offers 3-D stock dies to support your needs for cost-effective product identification with minimized lead time. Consumers naturally associate quality with an attractive representation of brand labeling. These quality custom metal nameplates designed in any color and finish are an attention-getting option for your brand.

3-D Nameplate Advantages

Custom Three-Dimensional Nameplates

Represent your product with brand identification permanently imprinted on metal. Your custom nameplate is produced within five weeks of receipt of order. Whether you need 100 or 100,000 nameplates, our Class A hard tools will meet your needs. Electronic artwork is all we need to get started. Request a quote today and we will work with you to make sure your product branding stands out from the competition!

Custom 3-D Nameplate Facts
•Free custom color matching
•Durable adhesive attachment
•Optional patterns and textures
•Attractive brushed and spun options

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Options in 3-D Stock Dies
•IN#206357  1” Round
•IN#206356  2” Round
•IN#206358  2.2” x 2.5” Rectangle
•IN#206362  1” x 1.25” Rectangle

Watch for regular additions to the 3-D stock die library. Unique ideas and applications are available. Contact one of our innovative sales representatives to discover the latest trends in brand identification.


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