Options in Copper Nameplate Designs

Copper is a recent trend in design for the interior and exterior of our home. So, why not incorporate this trend in a nameplate design? Achieving the look of copper on an aluminum substrate is a relatively simple and cost-effective process to enhance the look of your badge.

To obtain this look, copper tints and metallic copper finishes are available. Tinting the aluminum substrate allows the brightness of the metal to shine through. A tint can be applied over a mechanical finish, highlighting its design and varying the copper tones when the nameplate or badge is in motion. In addition, a brushed aluminum can be utilized to create a slight linear pattern, adding visual interest. Using a metallic copper finish achieves a subtle texture while keeping the true color of copper consistent through the use of metal pigments (flakes). The finish covers the original substrate creating the appearance of etched metal.

The following nameplate examples highlight each aspect of the design and include description of which processes are used on each example. This is just a small sample of the many options available for your design considerations.


Background: copper technical finish 
Peace: low gloss brushed copper tint
Happiness: low gloss brushed copper tint, matte black lettering


Background: white border, copper finish with gradated black fade
Peace: copper tint
Happiness: metallic copper finish, white lettering


Background: copper technical finish
Peace: high gloss brushed copper tint
Happiness: low gloss brushed copper tint, matte black lettering


Background: copper technical finish
Peace: high gloss copper tinted engine stripe
Happiness: white, copper tinted lettering


Background: white technical finish
Peace: low gloss copper tinted engine stripe
Happiness: low gloss copper tint, white lettering


Now that you have seen several combinations of incorporating copper finishes into your brand, keep in mind the array of design possibilities that extend beyond the above examples. The addition of mechanical finishes and color processes can enhance your brand image and result in an eye-catching and recognizable end product.

How will you incorporate copper finishes into your next design?


Nameplate Materials & Processes GuideSamples of nameplates are a great way to explore and better understand the options available to you in designing a nameplate.  Northern engraving offers a Nameplate Materials and Processes Guide with numerous samples on metal and plastic substrates to assist you in the process.



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