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By utilizing our expertise in decorating aluminum to dress and replace their existing plastic label for a medical sonogram machine, our customer now has a nameplate unlike any other.
After reviewing numerous nameplate samples and styles, Labconco decided a highly formed nameplate was best suited for their application. The edges on their nameplate are formed down approximately .085”. A plastic molded filler piece provides support and is adhered within the formed down edges on ...
Guest Blogger This article is part of a series of articles from my co-workers on their favorite nameplates. Jim Frie, our guest blogger this week, has chosen a nameplate that appealed to him based on the nostalgic qualities he resonated with.
With the year over, I thought it would be interesting to see which articles were of most interest to you in 2012. It's a fascinating exercise to see what resonated most with you as we look back on the year through our blog.
When you demand a nameplate that will withstand exposure to a variety of exterior weather elements for your electronic product, aluminum is a great option. Consider the environment that your end product will be displayed or used in and be sure to call out the specifications required. Durable top ...
Commercial appliances are tools of the trade in the restaurant business. The longevity of the product is very important, and so is the branding. Much like the logo on a vehicle, the nameplate on commercial appliances need to weather a variety of elements.
Happy Holidays from your friends at Northern Engraving!
Do you have a smart phone or camera phone? There is now an easy way to connect potential or current customers to your website to learn more about your product: feature a QR code on your next label design. A QR (quick response) code is a collection of black modules arranged in square patterns on a ...

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