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Once again Northern Engraving has been busy designing and printing our holiday card. Many look forward to seeing the new design each year. This year's card features aluminum finishes from our pattern library brought together into a modern holiday design. The library is a resource available to ...
The automotive industry requires lightweight, durable and attractive visuals to represent their brands. Aluminum nameplates meet these demands for interior and exterior automotive applications.
A journal serves as a daily record of observations, experiences and occurrences. Even though electronic journals have been created, many consumers still want the option to manuscript their feelings and experiences in a portable journal. This allows thoughts to be addressed right away. With daily ...
The over-mold process unifies aluminum and plastic in a seamless manner, providing a unique way to identify your brand.
Are you looking for an accomodating nameplate that will withstand the test of time? If so, a flexible label with a domed surface is a perfect option. This particular label was created for the Samurai turbo fan, which origniated in Colombia. The brand image is based on the overall turbo power of the ...
In this post, a collection of samples from popular boating industry brands has been collected for your inspiration.
A new spin on the typical beer tapper, printing on metal creates a unique look. Not only is the substrate durable and decorative, the logo and branding flow seamlessly.
HDS Generation 2 Navigation Features Aluminum Logo When Navico introduced the HDS-12 multifunction fish finder/chart plotter under the Lowrance brand name they wanted to be sure it had a nameplate that reflected the quality of the product but yet fit the overall look.
Are you looking for a nameplate or label for a line of furniture?

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