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The newest addition to our aluminum 3-D stock die collection is an oval shaped nameplate featuring a low glossed brushed background with high glossed bright graphics.
Are you unsure how to best represet your brand on a small scale? If so, there are many options available to incorporate any sized label or tag. The example above is applied to a key fob manufactured for the Winnebago motor home brand. At only about an inch wide, this small domed label boasts ...
Are you looking for an effective option for the assembly of your nameplate or emblem onto your product? If so, there are many examples to consider. Many people have found success by using one, or a combination of, the following:
Customers often request a color or texture match to ensure a seamless design on their end product. A nameplate or badge can mimic the texture or material of the desired item. This is especially important for household goods and furniture products. Through continuous improvements in design and ...
Are you designing a nameplate or badge for a laptop or desktop computer? Update your brand logo with a change in color or texture. Here are some options for inspiration.
Are your labels supplied on a sheet? Do they require assistance in adhesive liner removal? If so, our slit back label liner may be just what you are looking for. Front:
The option of using chrome mylar on your nameplate or label offers flexibility, high performance and a three-dimensional look. In the above nameplates, a chrome Mylar was utilized to create a metal look while integrating the flexibility of the mylar substrate. The transparent tints used allow the ...
Commonly asked questions about our products involve processes, colors and a combination of the two. Over the years, we have used our aluminum matchboxes to help illustrate the endless options when working on aluminum.

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