Aluminum Match Box Covers Show Creative Versatility

Commonly asked questions about our products involve processes, colors and a combination of the two. Over the years, we have used our aluminum matchboxes to help illustrate the endless options when working on aluminum. 

The matchboxes utilize standard processes such as brushing, lithography, screening and embossing to create dramatically different designs. Whether inspired by art deco gates or Victorian patterns they all rely on a layering of processes to create textures and interactive surfaces. You'll find designs ranging from patina or mixed metal to vintage reproductions or whimsical prints. 

Mixed Metal

art deco aluminum matchbox grip backart deco aluminum matchbox grip front

Vintage Reproduction

aluminum cigar matchbox castle hall front describe the image


millennium backdescribe the image


dragonfly front describe the image

Aluminum matchboxes highlight and combine several processes to show a sample of possibilities ranging from mixed metal to patina. Now that you have seen a few examples of combined processes available for your next design, which processes will you incorporate?

Nameplate Materials & Processes GuideSamples of nameplates are a great way to explore and better understand options available for designing a nameplate. Northern engraving offers a Nameplate Materials and Processes Guide with numerous samples on metal to assist you in the process.



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