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Guest Blogger This article is part of a series of articles from my co-workers on their favorite nameplates. Dave Gilles, our guest blogger this week, chose a component part for the automotive industry which he has had experience of running in the production environment.
Subtle Dimension for Appliqués Sometimes the packaging or housing surface for the end product is not friendly for a dimensional look. Your design calls for graphics which are set down into the label or appliqué. How can this be achieved without causing attachment concerns? Coined graphics on ...
TransAm GTA Emblem One of the classic designs, the TransAm nameplate, features a coined texture on the firebird contrasted by the black background. The metallic gold tones really allow this design to catch the eye. This is a perfect example of a timeless, recognizable emblem.
Make Your Brand Stand Out with Embossed Graphics This article explores options in embossing aluminum to create dimensional nameplates for product identification. The embossing process uses a metal die to create a three-dimensional image in metal by squeezing the metal and raising the image. It is ...
Steel, Aluminum and Brass - CD Packaging Custom matching a patina finish for CD packaging in the Mile Davis metal spine series meant working closely with the packaging designer to exactly duplicate the worn and imperfect surface on the trumpet used by Miles Davis.

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