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Customers often request a color or texture match to ensure a seamless design on their end product. A nameplate or badge can mimic the texture or material of the desired item. This is especially important for household goods and furniture products.

Through continuous improvements in design and technology, Bionaire's industrial design takes into account the lines, textures and materials of other items in a home, creating an ideal balance of form and function.

The choice of color on this particular nameplate highlights the trendy and unique design qualities of the end product.

Described as pioneers, perfectionists, innovators, and idealists the brand is pushing the boundaries to create exceptional products with high quality brand representation on aluminum.

Nameplate Materials & Processes GuideSamples of nameplates are a great way to explore and better understand options available for designing a nameplate. Northern engraving offers a Nameplate Materials and Processes Guide with numerous samples on metal and plastic substrates to assist you in the process.



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