Options in Aluminum Journal Appliqués

A journal serves as a daily record of observations, experiences and occurrences. Even though electronic journals have been created, many consumers still want the option to manuscript their feelings and experiences in a portable journal. This allows thoughts to be addressed right away. With daily use in mind, choosing an appliqué that will stand up to frequent handling gives your product an edge within your market.

This aluminum label features process color and a gold tint which highlights the quote and adds interest to the overall design.


The aluminum label below boasts a cool, sleek look with a soft sheen.The slight gold coloration on the aluminum contrasts the bright details and matte background.

journal gold

Aluminum appliqués come in a wide variety of designs, depending on their application. What colors and processes would you choose for your appliqué? 

Nameplate Materials & Processes GuideThere are many more options to explore when designing an aluminum appliqué. Samples of nameplates are a great way to explore and better understand the options available. Northern engraving offers a Nameplate Materials and Processes Guide with numerous samples on metal and plastic substrates to assist you in the process.


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