Laboratory Equipment features Aluminum Nameplate


After reviewing numerous nameplate samples and styles, Labconco decided a highly formed nameplate was best suited for their application. The edges on their nameplate are formed down approximately .085”. A plastic molded filler piece provides support and is adhered within the formed down edges on the back of the nameplate. LABCONCO and the border are embossed in bright aluminum for high visual impact.

Beyond forming, the critical issue lied in achieving the right shade of blue Labconco desired for the background. Labconco worked closely with our color technicians to fine tune the blue until the perfect shade and effect was achieved.  Options considered ranged from tranparent tints and metallics to opaque color in various gloss levels.

Labconco and Northern Engraving worked closely together on this nameplate from conception to delivery of production parts, comments Jerry Chenoweth, Northern Engraving Regional Sales Manager. The successful outcome is what happens when two organizations work together in a professional and intelligent manner.

Nameplate Materials & Processes GuideThere are many options to explore when designing an aluminum nameplate. Samples are a great way to explore and better understand the options available. Northern engraving offers a Nameplate Materials and Processes Guide with numerous samples on metal and plastic substrates to assist you in the process.



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