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This article is part of a series of articles from my co-workers on their favorite nameplates. Jim Frie, our guest blogger this week, has chosen a nameplate that appealed to him based on the nostalgic qualities he resonated with.

molded-nameplateAs a professional sales representative, I am well aware of the various “buttons” successful sales people will push to close a sale. I’m new to Northern Engraving and very new to the products and the processes used to produce the dizzying array of nameplates, badges and labels. I believe that nameplates can appeal to not only the eye, but to the sense of touch and more. Some will evoke excitement, while others will conjure nostalgia.

When asked to comment on my favorite nameplate, I was drawn to the Yamaha emblem we make with polished aluminum, embossed with the crossed tuning forks. I’m impressed with the detail our company is able to achieve, the separation of the tuning fork handles away from the border and the crisp, clean definition of the black background from the border. Being able to look and touch this badge took me back to my very first motorcycle, which (and I didn’t know it then) was my first really big sale. Being able to convince my parents I wasn’t going to get killed on this thing was probably one of the most dazzling displays of various sales techniques known at the time. But, success was mine and so was this beautiful black and chrome little motorcycle with the Yamaha badges displayed on both sides of the gas tank. I must have applied enough turtlewax on those tank badges to turn them into Norlens type of pieces.

This one badge, through the senses of sight and touch, triggered fond memories and loyalty to the brand. Pretty powerful stuff.    

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Jim Frie Regional Sales Manager

Jim is a Regional Sales Manager, working closely with the designers and engineers of key accounts, keeping relationships strong. 

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