Four Green Nameplates - Multiple Options

There are multiple options available to you in nameplate design.  The nameplates below all have the commonality of using green, however they use different techniques to achieve the overall design. 

nVIDIA nameplateThe nVIDIA nameplate uses a high gloss texture to create depth and shine.  When combined with the low gloss background, the logo catches your eye.  Selective gloss is applied to aluminum or steel through screen printing.  The gloss of a color or pattern will have an effect on the perceived color of an object.  The lower the gloss the lighter the color will look.


RaptureNameplatesPing's RAPTURE nameplate utilizes embossing and adds a green tint over the engine turn to create a shimmer.  Mechanical surfaces have long been core finishes for aluminum nameplates and trim.  Movement and depth created by grinding the surface of the metal adds perceived value for your brand.



PurepointNameplatesThe Purepoint Laser nameplate uses a combination of spin and printed halftones to add movement and depth for a look of precision on the nameplate.  The combination of embossed white graphics on a matte silver background creates a clean look.



HiachiNameplatesHitachi's nameplate uses a green tint over a brushed aluminum surface which creates a softer look.  A brushed aluminum surface is popular because it is an authentic metal surface.  It is a mechanical process which abrades the surface of the metal.



Materials and Process GuidesRequest a Nameplate Materials and Processes Guide to begin exploring the options available to you in creating your product branding.



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