Want a Nameplate With an Embossed Look?

Screen Texture Nameplates
Another way to achieve an embossed look on aluminum is to add a printed texture with gloss.  The ink builds up and creates a texture that you can see and feel.  This technique is often used on cosmetic nameplates.  Screen printed texture is available in high or low gloss for a subtle background surface.  A colored texture creates a more dramatic contrast in a pattern.  Pinstripes and grids are popular patterns in product identification as well as subtle grains.

In the Bronze Goddess nameplate above, printed texture is combined with a transparent gold tint which brings the nameplate to life.

Below is a recent nameplate that we produced for Kirra.

Kirra Nameplate

Kirra's New Blue Perfume's packaging is modern and sophisticated.  The brand name on the namplate reflects the same sophisitcation by adding a printed low gloss texture over a low gloss aluminum surface.
Kirra nameplate

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