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Grinded Metal Surfaces

standard mechanical finishes

Mechanical surfaces have long been core finishes for aluminum nameplates and trim.  Movement and depth created by grinding the surface of the metal adds perceived value for your brand.  There is further interest in these metal surfaces because they are an authentic material.  Abrading the surface of the aluminum builds on the metal character.

Based on the popularity of engine turn, engine stripe, spin and brush we've further explored options in mechanical finishes.  Building on decades of experience we've created new mechanical finishes based on three themes: engineered, organic and custom. The mechanical finishes ranging from a look of technical precision to a hand crafted aesthetic are a natural fit for aluminum trim but what would they look like utilized in a different manner? 

New Mechanical Finishes in Nameplates

new mechanical finish nameplate concepts

The next step after developing the finishes was to integrate them into nameplates, labels and badges.  The mechanical finishes take on a completely different, often unexpected, look when used in a small area such as a logo.  Some have the crisp look of a diamond cut graphic while others create an almost holographic effect.  All bring movement or flip to the nameplate. 

View the new mechanical finish nameplate mood board to further explore your options in these mechanical finishes.

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