Spun Aluminum Nameplates, Badges and Dials

Spins on Aluminum

Spun aluminum is a popular decorative process on nameplates, badges and dials.  Spinning is a mechanical process which creates a circular brush on the aluminum surface.  It is usually one of the first steps in the decorative process.  The spin can be applied selectively when a mask is used to protect areas of the aluminum that will remain bright.  Transparent colors can be layered on top of the spun aluminum surface creating colors with depth and movement.  A spin on aluminum is a versatile process for your nameplate, badge or dial needs.

Spin is traditionally used in the background of round nameplates, gauges and dials.  It is also very effective when used in irregular shapes or even in rectangles.  Spinning can be combined with many processes including diamond cutting, doming and aluminum in-mold.  A unique application of the spin process is to use it in the graphics.  It creates subtle movement and it is not immediately obvious why the graphics catch the light.

What application can you see for spun aluminum process?  How might you incorporate a pattern into a spin?



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