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nameplate wallOutside my office there is a display of nameplates, labels, inserts and dials manufactured over the last forty years.  The display covers an entire wall.  Visitors and employees frequently stop and look at the array of brand names for industries ranging from cosmetics and electronics to appliance and transportation.  It is like a trip down memory lane for some.  I often hear "I remember those" or "I used to have one of these".  The display is a glimpse into the history of brands as they have evolved or come and gone.  It is also an indicator of new products or technologies as they emerge.  Think of remote controls and microwave ovens.


Little Professor aluminum overlay







A favorite piece of mine and many other visitors is the Texas Instruments "Little Professor" calculator overlay.  The colorful aluminum overlay brings back memories of spending hours playing math games.  Offset lithography was used to decorate the aluminum.  All colors were spot colors.  Who would have thought I'd end up working where they made parts for the Little Professor?  How cool is that? 

Do you remember this one?



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