Three Diamond Cut Nameplate Options

Diamond Cut Aluminum Nameplates

A diamond cut nameplate features crisp distinctive graphics.  The process involves embossing graphics and using a rapidly rotating industrial diamond to cut the surface of the aluminum.  There are four commonly used options when diamond cutting an aluminum nameplate.  I will review four of the diamond cut alternatives here: 

  1. Phalynx - a series of fine overlapping cuts creating small diamond shapes
  2. Fine Zebra - the most reflective option for diamond cut surfaces
  3. Zebra - a series of tightly spaced cuts in arching lines

Phalynx Diamond Cut

 High_Definition_Decoder_Dia_Cut Wireless nameplate | phalynx diamond cut

A close look at the surface of graphics cut with the phalynx diamond cut reveals crisp diamond shapes.  This process is controlled to offer sharp graphics with a detailed surface ranging from a very fine to coarse diamond cut pattern.

Fine Zebra Diamond Cut

blue vornado nameplate grey vornado nameplate Trimira nameplate

The look of a polished surface is creating on embossed graphics produced with the fine zebra diamond cut process.  This process is often used on nameplates with fine graphics.  A secondary diamond cut pattern is not readily visible these graphics.

Zebra Diamond Cut

Beckman Coulter nameplate zebra diamond cut detail Sub-Zero diamond cut nameplate

The most popular diamond cut surface on aluminum nameplates and labels is the zebra diamond cut.  This process offers a variety of looks ranging from fine to coarse diamond cut. 

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