Offset Lithography for Product Identification

Each decorative process has advantages and limitation.  Understanding the boundaries of these processe allows you to take full advantage of all they offer while pushing the limits of their capabilities.

Offset LithographyLithography Nameplates

Lithography plays a critical role in the manufacturing of product identification.  Specifically, fine lettering and detailed graphics require the precision of lithography.  In addition, lithography and process color are used for the reproduction of full color photos.  There are at least four areas where lithography offers advantages over screen printing:

  • Fine Details (lettering, graphics, patterns)
  • Precise registration of graphics
  • Subtle color variations achieved through use of halfones
  • Process color (CMYK) and the wide spectrum of colors available

There are limitations to the colors that can be achieved with lithography. To find out more, download our Color eBook.

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