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Aluminum and plastic nameplates are made based on your project requirements.  Manufacturing processes are the tools to get you to the end result - an attractive emblem or decorative trim to make your product stand out.  In addition to needing the dimensional geometry of the label or overlay, the artwork needs to be specified.  This is where your logo, graphic and printed text are called out.  

The artwork lays the foundation for the design requirements.  Understanding the various file formats can help to keep things moving for quoting and ultimately for production launch to your timing schedule.  Preferred file formats for artwork submission are outlined below.  


Quoting information should include general direction on the dimensions, number of colors and a basic picture file if final artwork is not available.  This allows the Tooling and Processing areas to review and take into consideration applicable costs and provide you the most economical pricing. Basic file types are TIFF, GIF, JPEG, BMP, PDF and Word document files.  These do not allow any editing or manipulation necessary to prepare production films and screens.

It is assumed that you have authorization and/or ownership of the artwork you provide.  Proof of authorization or copy of license to reproduce may be required.   


When you are ready for production, the artwork file should be sent electronically and in vector format with text paths converted to outlines or fonts included in the files.  Reference your production part number and include a color version of the artwork.   Color callouts should provide reference to a Pantone/PMS Color or some other color identifier.  

Vector Based Files
.eps     Encapsulated Postcript
.ai        Adobe Illustrator
.cdr      Corel Draw
Files with text paths should be converted to outlines, or all fonts should be included in the file.

Bitmap Based Files
.psd      Photoshop
Files should be high resolution 350-400 pixels per inch images.

Other Acceptable Formats
.dwg      AutoCAD
.dxf       AutoCAD 
Files with fonts should be changed to shapes.  All graphics should be provided with no fills and all polylines closed. 

Smooth transition

Submitting artwork with these preferred file formats help to ensure a smooth transition from artwork review and proof into the production run.  Vector format graphics allow any necessary manipulation and fine tuning for minimum printing tolerances.  Bitmap format graphics do not allow precise adjustments.

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Namplate Samples, Aluminum Nameplates, Plastic Labels