Nameplate Artwork Submission FAQ

The first step in manufacturing nameplates on metal or plastic is preparing the artwork for printing or screening.  The following articles covers some of the most frequently asked questions about submitting artwork.

See our Artwork Submission Page for more details. 

Artwork Submission FAQ 

Ping Nameplates

Q) What type of artwork do you require?

A) For best results and to minimize delays with your order, send electronic vector based files - include a color printout of your art for reference.  Four color process orders require high resolution (350-400 pixels per inch) Photoshop (PSD) documents.

Q) What is a vector based file?

A) Vector graphics are made up of paths rather than dots.  They can be scaled to a larger size and not lose any image quality.  Selective areas can be used for separation without the need to redraw the image. 

Vector file types are: EPS, AI CDR

*TIFF, GIF, JPEG, BMP, PDF and Word document files are not acceptable formats. They are not normally editable for printing. They are useful when sent as a reference or for quoting purposes.

Q) How do I submit artwork?

A) Artwork can be submitted via email to your customer service representative.  File sizes larger than 10MB can be submitted to our FTP upon request. 

Artwork can also be submitted to: graphics@norcorp.com (please include the part number and your contact information)



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