Enhance Aluminum Trim with a Faux Finish

We get questions quite often centered on ways to make aluminum trim look like other materials. No matter if your design is calling for the look of leather, stone or another type of metal like pewter, stainless steel or brass, aluminum can be decorated to achieve the desired effect.  

Textured Aluminum Trim

In this featured trim piece bright embossed aluminum graphics and border contrast with a high gloss black textured background which has the look and feel of premium leather trim. This is a great example of how aluminum can be decorated to coordinate with mating surfaces. The textured background appears to sit underneath the bright border, giving an illusion of complexity to the design. How amazing is it that this is just one piece of metal! 

Background texture is an economical option to enhance add interest or contrast to your design. Leather, woodgrain and stone looks are just the beginning of the options for faux finishes on aluminum. Possibilities for color, structure and gloss can be reviewed so that your design speaks the correct message for your brand. 

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Can your nameplate or trim be enhanced with a faux finish? Let's talk!

Faux finishes on aluminum, woodgrain pattern samples  




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