Adding Handcrafted Hammered Metal Finishes to Nameplates

Hammered Metal

handcrafted metal inspiration

The distinctive look of handcrafted hammered metal is an age-old technique translated into aluminum nameplates. The dramatic texture is popular in furniture, home accessories and jewelry. It can be found on copper, brass, steel and aluminum.  

This traditional metal surface can also be found in metal emblems and appliqués. The texture is created through the embossing process. The dimpled effect is pressed into the surface of the metal using hard tooling. Printing transparent tints of color on the aluminum is used to mimic the appearance of other metals such as copper, steel or brass. Integrating the hammered surface into a nameplate with embossed graphics or a bright border adds to the perceived value of the piece creating a jewel-like appearance. Because the process is an embossing operation, it can be combined with the full range of nameplate processes.

Hammered Metal Nameplates

gold hammered metal finish

This Estée Lauder DKNY appliqué has a hammered finish combined with a pretty gold tone and formed into a soft dome shape. This illustrates an elegant addition to Donna Karan fragrance packaging supporting the image of luxury.

What ideas do you have for using a hammered metal finish in a nameplate or trim piece? How would the overall appearance support the brand image of your product?

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Namplate Samples, Aluminum Nameplates, Plastic Labels