Hand Crafted Leather Look on Aluminum Nameplate

Faux Leather Finish on Aluminum

Sometimes the best decoration for a nameplate is to allow it to take on the look of natural surfaces. Aluminum provides a good surface for hand crafted looks since it is reflective and therefore adds to depth for highlights and shadows.

This badge shows the level of detail that can be achieved with standard printing processes on aluminum. I love the look of a sewn-on leather label complete with wrinkles and pulled up edges. The brand logo has a dimension achieved with shadows and half tones to give the illusion of embossed graphics. 


Open Possibliities 

Replicate natural surfaces, fusing the finishes with inlaid accents and embossed details to support your brand image.  Woodgraincarbon fibermarblepatinaed metal and leather finishes are just a few of the options available for decoration on aluminum nameplates and trim. Explore the Surface Collection Gallery for more inspiration.

How would you use a leather look in your brand identification? Let's talk! 

Faux finishes on aluminum, woodgrain pattern samples

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