Custom Color Match for Cosmetic Applique

Coordinating color between packaging and labeling elements of product design can be a challenge due to potential difference in substrate materials. Color can vary depending on the substrate that it is printed on. Aluminum nameplates can be made to coordinate with your specific color specifications.

In the case of this cosmetic bottle, it was important that the metal applique matched the rose gold hues of the cap as well as the paper box packaging. The customer provided the colored cap in order to achieve a custom color match for the debossed aluminum nameplate. The result carries the luxury look of the brand through to the product label. 


Definition of Your Target Color

Color specifying begins with the definition of a master or target color. There are several options for communicating the information across suppliers. The most common method used is the use of a mass-produced, categorized color system such as the Pantone Matching System, or PMS Book. A second method is the use of an existing color sample on basically any substrate. The least used option is a verbal or written description, since it is the most subjective.  

No matter which option you choose for defining your color direction, it is important to leave time for color development. Providing complete information will keep development time at a minimum. Color chips may be provided for your approval and review before production quantities are set up. Appropriate communication ensures a successful product launch and satisfaction of the end product.

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