Metallic and Transparent Tints of Color on Metal Logos

Metallic and Transparent Tints of Color on Metal Logos

metallic-aluminum-nameplate metallic-aluminum-nameplate-ping metallic-aluminum-nameplate-norlens metallic-aluminum-nameplate-owens
All of these aluminum nameplates have one thing in common, they utilize metallic inks in their design.  Although metallic silver is the most popular option when specifying metallic colors, they are also available in custom color matches.  This article features examples of color translated into both metallic colors and transparent tints of color.

How would you integrate this option into your product branding?

Transparent and metallic color used together in product identification is an attention getting combination. Typically the translation of a transparent tint of color to a metallic color or vice versa is a straight forward process.



Light Gray

Dark Gray

For more information regarding color, click on the image to request our eBook: Guide to Color.

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