Color Evaluation in Product Identification

Evaluating Color for Better Product Identification

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The environment a color is viewed under has a profound impact on your color perception. Two primary factors in the perception of color are the type of light source in the viewing area and strongly colored nearby walls or objects. Perception of color also varies in individuals with a color vision deficiency or color blindness. This decreased ability to perceive differences between various colors is diagnosed with color vision tests. In addition, there are steps to help minimize problems in viewing and communicating about color.

View Color Samples in a Light Booth


A color booth offers controlled light sources and a color-neutral environment for the comparison of newly developed color samples against the target color chip. It facilitates consistency of evaluation, improves communication, and minimizes product rejections. Three primary light sources are used in the development of color for product identification. Where the product will be used determines which light source is appropriate.

View Color Samples Using Environmental Light

Color and light are inseparable. However, not everyone has a light booth. An alternative option is to use environmental lighting taking into consideration the appropriate light source. For example, color samples viewed under daylight in a light booth are also effectively reviewed outside. Overall, the key point is awareness of your environment and its potential impact on your perception of color.

Consider Viewing Angle

The angle color samples are viewed at also impacts your perception of the colors. This is most evident in transparent tints of color and metallics. Two samples which match when viewed from one angle may fail to match when viewed from a different angle. Consideration of where the color will be used helps to guide decisions in determining the proper viewing angle. Is the end application horizontal? Vertical?

For more information on our color processes, please click on the image below to request a copy of our eBook: Guide to Color.

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