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Guest Blogger This article is part of a series of articles from my co-workers on their favorite nameplates. Barb Smith, our guest blogger this week, has chosen a nameplate that appealed to her based on its elegance and uniqueness.
Estée Lauder Product Campaign Features Nothern Engraving Appliqué In the February edition of ‘Guest Blogger’ by Estée Lauder, Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere channels a historical era. In this blog, one of the appliqués created at Northern Engraving is featured. The blog titled “Sixties Saturation” ...
Perfume Bottle Appliqué In addition to being fashionable, fragrance packaging must also catch the eye. Use of innovative materials such as aluminum is one way for brands to differentiate from competitors. The Abercrombie and Fitch perfume package incorporates a bright aluminum appliqué into the ...
A unique application of the doming process is used to add depth to this aluminum appliqué. It mimics the natural beauty of a ruby combining the naturally reflective metal substrate, a transparent tint of color and a contoured dome.
Over the weekend, I was at the local Shopping Mall and decided to stroll into the PacSun store. I located this bottle of perfume that PacSun recently introduced. Northern Engraving manufactured the nameplate on the bottle.
Another way to achieve an embossed look on aluminum is to add a printed texture with gloss. The ink builds up and creates a texture that you can see and feel. This technique is often used on cosmetic nameplates. Screen printed texture is available in high or low gloss for a subtle background ...
Picture standing in front of an empty cosmetic retail case. Imagine a case with multiple shelves. Which shelf do you see first? Is it at eye-level; do you have to look up or down? Is it encased in glass? What is the lighting like?
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Packaging innovation is a key element in beauty marketing today. This is illustrated by the continuous launch of unique packages on the market. Decorative inserts and labels are a key element in the differentiation of products and their packaging.

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