Most Popular Nameplate and Label Posts for 2014

As we begin a new year I like to take a minute and reflect on the past one to review which topics seem to have made an impact. Below are summaries and links to some of the most popular posts which were published discussing nameplates and labels in 2014. Which was your favorite post?


Commonly-Used-Nameplate-Shapes    What shape works best for Nameplates and Labels?
Selection of shapes to use for aluminum nameplates and plastic labels.                                             
cover_photo   5 Resources to Make You Better at Nameplate Design
Overview of downloadable resource material to support with the design of aluminum nameplates and plastic labels.
Saddleco   Embossed Chrome Polyester Labels #1 in Series
Embossed chrome mylar labels provide visual depth and dimension with a metal look.
Cell-pack-layer   How to Protect your Aluminum Nameplate while in Transit
Review of packaging methods for aluminum nameplates, plastic labels and decorative trim to ensure safe delivery.
billie-jealousy-applique-bottle-resized-600   Who Says Plastic Labels aren't Elegant? Not us!
Plastic labels and decals can provide elegant brand identification solutions.
Chrome_mylar_embossed_lens_group-resized-600   Embossed Chrome Polyester Labels #2 in Series
Embossed chrome mylar labels can be enhanced with a domed layer, resulting in visual depth and jewel-like finishes.
General_Nameplate-1   How to Select the Perfect Nameplate Process
Considerations to keep in mind when selecting aluminum nameplate processes.
textured-aluminum-medical-nameplate   Black Texture on Aluminum Nameplates
Black texture is a popular choice as decoration for aluminum nameplates. Examples compiled into a short video.
Aluminum-nameplates-borders   20 Effective Border Designs for Aluminm Nameplates
A border provides a frame for aluminum nameplates. Call attention to your brand or add interest for the label decoration.
15_textured_np_group-resized-600   3 Reasons to Use Texture with Aluminum Nameplates
Examples of aluminum nameplates that use texture for decoration, resulting in competitive differentiation and brand recognition.

What topics would you like covered in 2015? Share ideas below and then stay tuned!

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