Tailored and Unique Aluminum Nameplate with Individual Letters

Brand Identification with Individual Letters 

Many times when working on a nameplate design focus is centered on the right shape or the right colors for text and background. While these are indeed important elements for branding, sometimes it is necessary to step outside the box from standard shapes and decoration. This post takes a look at an aluminum nameplate which uses individual letters for a tailored and unique look.


Singular ID = Nameplates with Individual Letters

The process used for nameplates with individual aluminum letters is referred to as Singular ID. There are no bridges connecting the letters. A positioning mask keeps each character precisely aligned, making a cost effective assembly process. Each letter appears to float on the vehicle, resulting in a clean, integrated look. 


The nameplate shown here incorporates a durable micro texture which can be found on other nameplates, badges and trim on the vehicle. Dimension is achieved with an embossed brushed aluminum border to give clear outline and definition when applied to the exterior of the vehicle.


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Namplate Samples, Aluminum Nameplates, Plastic Labels

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Namplate Samples, Aluminum Nameplates, Plastic Labels